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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Veggie Haiku

hometown memories...
a bag of mixed veggies

published in the May / June 2011 "vegetable(s)" Haiku Thread of Sketchbook (2nd place)

Editor's Comment:

I love the essence of this. Wabi. All the memories frozen in the past, suddenly right there in the present. A family reunion or class reunion, mixed with all sorts of people catching up on their lives. Constantly, we are able to bring the past into the present, but never the other way around. Yet in revisiting a place, people, family a little touch of the past is always right there with us. Once fields of farmers and fresh veggies, were cleaned, precooked and defrosted to save, time—the word time, past, present, saving time are all food for thought. Sorry for the pun!