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Friday, March 1, 2013

The Cruelest Month: A Tanka Prose

with the blank space
when words fail...
on my attic window
April rain pattering
It was a writing class held at a Toronto branch library. The teacher discussed the four key elements of a story: setting, conflict, climax, and resolution.  Half jokingly, he said out loud,"That’s almost an acronym: sucker." He drew our attention to all sorts of sharp acronyms derived from his words of wisdom, and ended the class with a warning: be aware of clichés.

A loud voice from the back of the room, "the writer is a cliché-sucker who spills out a string of little gems." Silence descended over the room as if bats had just flown out of a cave in a big, snaking cloud. And the rain started to pour...

Published on NeverEnding Story, Feb. 23, 2013