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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Selected Short Poem: Thinking of Li Po Under a Moonlit Night

for Li Po (also known as Li Bai, 701-762) who is known for his poem, "Drinking Alone by Moonlight" and called the God of Poetry, but who only called himself the god of wine.

Bending my mind,
I dig all English words
out of a moonlit night --
a Chinese coolie laboring
in a foreign mine.

Gazing at the moon,
I think of Li Po
and drink a full cup ...
This winter has come
to me and me alone.

Word Catalyst, 9:2, May 2009

Note: In celebration of the upcoming 7th anniversary of being a published writer of Japanese short form poetry, I am pleased to announce a new publishing project, Selected Short Poems by Chen-ou Liu.