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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Selected Tanka Prose: Exiled

I left Formosa
for the land of maple leaves --
on my forehead
the same moon

At long last, her letter arrives. It's filled with unbroken longing, passion, and finally concludes with those three beautiful words that are what they were, postmarked 7/7/2012, ten years after I left for Canada.

Between us is a continent, an ocean, and our shared memories that are fading with time. I cannot remember how many nights we gazed at each other under a bright moon. During the first year in Canada, I often woke up in a cold sweat from the dream of her veiled in white and waiting in a dark forest.

single bed
in a moonlit attic
crowded with books …
everything I need
yet nothing I want

Haibun Today, 6:3, September 2012

Note:  Formosa, which means "beautiful island" in Portuguese, is the former name of Taiwan.