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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Selected Haibun: I know that the Earthquake is old news but...

That afternoon I was rocked into a deep sleep. In my dream I saw Mother holding me tightly and tearfully whispering a lullaby, "My child! ... Fear not, and sleep well."

amidst debris
scattered through the fields ...
a child's pink book

A reporter keyed in the headline,"7.9 Earthquake trembled through Sichuan, China." Official figures (as of June 4):
69,122 are confirmed dead,
4.8 million people homeless,
and 7,000 classrooms flattened...

one howl, then many ...
the starless night
even darker

An operator pushed a button; numbers and images spread over the front page.Newsprint slid through color printers. Somewhere in the back pages, the China earthquake story waited with the news from other developing countries.

Revision, A Hundred Gourds, 4:4, September 2015