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Thursday, May 14, 2020

The Color of a Pandemic

A Washington Post photographer captured a shot of the President’s briefing note on March 19. It showed “corona” was crossed out with a black marker before the word “virus.”

The Prime Minister makes clear today, 12 days after the WHO pandemic announcement, that he’s out of patience with Canadians ignoring health advice. “Enough is enough, go home and stay home,” he says loudly with a stern face.

Chinese virus . . .
I get in the elevator
with my new neighbor
he turns his back to me
humming O Canada

FYI: See The Tyee May 7 analysis, The ‘Shadow Pandemic’ of Anti-Asian Racism: Stoked by divisive politics preying on ignorance, the threat grows and victims mount.

Added: Fifty-Seventh Entry, Coronavirus Poetry Diary

sleeping while Black
an EMT shot dead
by police

PoemHunter, May 14 2020

FYI:  Yahoo! News, May 13: Sleeping while black: Family seeks justice for Breonna Taylor, killed in her bedroom by police