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Thursday, November 26, 2020

Thanksgiving-In-Place? Tanka

One Hundred Forty-Second Entry, Coronavirus Poetry Diary
more restrictions
for Thanksgiving holiday?
bare branches 
tapping at the windows 
of a nursing home

FYI: CTV News, Nov. 24: "Thanksgiving could make or break U.S. coronavirus response."

In Pennsylvania, if you're having friends over to socialize, you're supposed to wear a mask -- and so are your friends. That's the rule, but Barb Chestnut has no intention of following it.

"No one is going to tell me what I can or not do in my own home," said Chestnut, 60, of Shippensburg. "They do not pay my bills and they are not going to tell me what to do."

Added: For peace-loving Americans

Thanksgiving dinner
a row of We Just Did hats
on the mantle

Added: One Hundred Forty-Third Entry

Black Friday deals
two masked mother-to-be
compare their bellies
Added: One Hundred Forty-Fourth Entry 
blasting loud on TV ...
my niece
not sure which face mask
to wear on Black Friday