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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

The River of Time Tanka

On or around January 2021, American character changed. 
-- paraphrasing Virginia Woolf

circular ripples
reaching the shore ...
with rocks of words
in my overcoat pockets
I step into the river of time

Occasionally true FYI: Inspired by Virginia Woolf's Ghost , today's tanka marks the (symbolic) death of this Trumpholic poet.

Added: to the low-functioning Trumpholic

another night
without Trump tweet bombs
tick of the clock ...

Added: One Hundred Seventy-First Entry, Coronavirus Poetry Diary

Overdose Death
on the covers of black coffins ...
row upon row
of masked young men and women
in a memorial march

FYI: BC’s Deadliest Year for Overdoses and a ‘Shameful,’ ‘Unconscionable’ Response: At least 1,716 people died in 2020, almost five years after the province declared an overdose health emergency. The Tyee, Feb. 12

Added: One Hundred Seventy-Second Entry

the wail of sirens
slicing through this winter night
100 M ...