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Sunday, August 15, 2021

Life goes on

In her firm voice during an international press conference, Hong Kong Chief Carrie Lam claims, “We have 9,000 mainland and overseas companies based in Hong Kong, and many of them use Hong Kong as their regional headquarters. I assure you that Hong Kong is still good for businesses.” 

Carrie Lam looks past the American reporter with his hand held high in the front row, and chooses a young mainland reporter in the back corner of the conference room. Before he stands up and asks his question, the sound of a police siren rushes in through the half-opened door. Loud and louder, it drowns out the Q and A between the Chief and the reporter.

Hong Kong
and Independent
scraped clean
from boat sculptures in the park ...
this simmering heat

FYI: Insider, August 13:  Almost 90,000 people left Hong Kong in the past year. It marks the city's biggest population decrease in 60 years. And The Canadian Press, August 15: Hong Kong democracy group behind massive protests disbands.

"Although the Civil Human Rights Front no longer exists today, but we believe that different groups will continue to stick to their ideals, who will not forget their original intentions, and continue to prop up civil society!” the group said in a statement.