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Friday, September 24, 2021

Nothing New under the Stars and Stripes

Two Hundred and Sixty-Fifth Entry, Coronavirus Poetry Diary
inspired by recent news stories and headlines in the most vaccine-rich country

driving around
unmasked freedom protesters
on both sides
of a funeral home van
don't get vaccinated 

the wife dies
as the husband gets last glimpses
of their newborn ...
stony silence among five kids
of these two anti-vaxxers

1 in 500
Americans have died of Covid
in my quarantined mind
red letters of the headline
morph into waves of viruses

you, fucking Chinese
don’t fucking get me sick ...
the sultry air
explodes with cluster f-bombs
as onlookers come and go

FYI: US hospital care rationed as 2,000 Americans die each day from COVID-19, Global News, September 22

Added: Two Hundred and Sixty-Sixth Entry

Fridays for Future strike
she puts a Green New Deal mask
on her daughter's face

Added: Two Hundred and Sixty-Seventh Entry

chemistry (tubes) between lab partners
with masks under their chins