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Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Counter-Revolution, Here and Now

This Brave New World, LVII 
to the Persian poet Ferdowsi who wrote a millennium ago
The moment we have been waiting for has come. Politics fuelled by poetry.

with their backs
to the TV camera
a line of teens
pulling off their hijabs ...
United We Stand 

Woman. Life. Freedom. 
Death to the Dictator ...
a teen smiling
at the scattered pieces
of the Supreme Leader photo

on TV
her blood-dripping finger
points at me,
you, and all of us ...
Stand with Women of Iran

FYI: The New Yorker, October, 9Iran’s Protests Are the First Counter-Revolution Led by Women

...Day after dangerous day, on open streets and in gated schools, in a flood of tweets and brazen videos, they have ridiculed a theocracy that deems itself the government of God. The average age of the protesters who have been arrested is just fifteenthe Revolutionary Guard’s deputy commander claimed last week. 

Iran’s protests may well be the first time in history that women have been both the spark and engine for an attempted counter-revolution. ... this is not just an upheaval involving women, it is an upheaval about women and women’s freedom, and that makes it very special...

... The protests challenge two core themes of the 1979 Revolution: the hijab reflects its ideology and moral code, and the refusal to recognize the United States has been a cornerstone of the Islamic Republic’s foreign policy. Abandoning either source of identity would reflect the Revolution’s failure...


migrants come and go
early leaf fall
in this border town


silhouetted against twilight
harvest festival

French Translation by Serge Tomé

silhouettes sur fond de crépuscule ...
fête de la moisson