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Tuesday, November 1, 2022

The Safest Halloween Ever

Three Hundred and Fifty-Second Entry, Coronavirus Poetry Diary
written in response to CBC News, Oct. 27: "How to celebrate Halloween safely this year with COVID-19 and other viruses lurking: Infectious diseases expert says exposure may put strain on overburdened health network

Halloween eve
a new wave of lockdowns
in China

subvariants surging ...
a gang of grim reapers
double masked

trick or treat ...
Reese's Cups, M&M's and a box
of rapid tests

FYI: Reuters, Oct. 31: China's COVID curbs strand Shanghai Disney visitors

Video obtained by Reuters showed a huge crowd of visitors stranded at Disney's Shanghai resort on Monday, after the park abruptly suspended operations to comply with COVID-19 prevention measures.

All visitors at the time of the announcement were told they could not to leave the resort until they return a negative COVID test.

Added: written in response to the South Korea Halloween stampede

two red handprints
on Happy Halloween ...
150 deaths

Added: written in response to USA Today, Nov 3: Seoul, South Korea Halloween stampede leaves over 150 dead

row upon row of shoes
with name tags to be filled out ...
Halloween stampede

FYI: The New Yorker, Nov.2 : In Itaewon, Another Betrayal of Young Koreans.

The nation’s abiding emotion is, understandably, grief. But there is also a blood-boiling rage...Why have politicians and bureaucrats, of both major parties, failed so radically at the basic provision of public safety?