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Saturday, December 17, 2022

To help humanity

The new owner of the platform is reportedly planning to reverse the lifetime bans of certain users. Amplified by the clicking of cameras, his statement -- "it is important to the future of civilization to have a Digital Town Square" -- is screaming loud ... and louder.

with his fist pump
the owner proclaims, more free speech ...
my viral tweet
"Elon Musk, the King with no clothes"
scrubbed clean from the internet

FYI: Reuters, Dec. 17: Elon Musk restores Twitter accounts of journalists after suspensions draw backlash

The reinstatements came after the unprecedented suspensions evoked stinging criticism from government officials, advocacy groups and journalism organizations from several parts of the globe on Friday, with some saying the microblogging platform was jeopardizing press freedom...

The episode, which one well known security researcher labeled the "Thursday Night Massacre", is being regarded by critics as fresh evidence of Elon Musk, who considers himself a "free speech absolutist," eliminating speech and users he personally dislikes.