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Monday, January 2, 2023

Much More Tax Tanka

Game Show 2024, XIII
written for Americans who wear over-sized MAGA hats

I paid much more tax
than the President did 
he repeats again ...
on his lawn Trump 2024 
half-buried in the snow

FYI: The Independent, Dec. 31Debate clip resurfaces of Trump saying he paid ‘millions’ in federal income taxes in years he only paid $750 

I paid millions of dollars in taxes, millions of dollars in income taxes,” replied Mr Trump, going on to say he paid $38m one year and $27m another.

And FYI: The Globe and Mail, Dec. 30: Trump’s taxes: Takeaways from release of long-sought returns


this burning urge
to feel my way all over you
up and down you ...
in sleep my roommate moaning
to his calendar nude


for ten years
I want, I hope, I wait ...
this misty night
she's walking towards me,
close, so close, but is it she?