Chen-ou Liu's Translation Project: First English-Chinese Haiku and Tanka Blog

Friday, May 12, 2023

For No Reason Tanka

the masseuse's hands
kneading my neck, easing down 
to my back 
once again I cry inside
for no reason ...


close as two pages
in Fifty Shades of Grey
we read each other
in the moonlit darkness
with our tongues, our hands, our hearts


I push her hand away ...
she whispers in my ear
you don't know
what you're missing
if you never had it

AddedThis Brave New World, LXXXI

things as usual ...
another daylight

FYI: CTV News, Feb. 23, 2023: Violent incidents against riders of Toronto’s transit system have increased by nearly 60 per cent since 2019, a new report from the commission's CEO finds.

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And CTV News, May 12, 20237-year-old Shepherd named Molly among the 102 candidates for Toronto's mayor