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Sunday, October 15, 2023

The Day After, Just the Beginning

This Brave New World, XCV
written in response to the Israel–Hamas war

the spokesman's mouth
opens and closes to the clicking
of cameras ....
this numbing, numbing
sameness of war images

this binary, love or hate
your enemy ...
I stare up into the sky
streaked with shades of grey

the closeup
of a bloody-eyed solider
in my dream ...
a stray barking at its echo
as the night chill deepens

FYI: This poem was inspired by Canadian Dimension, Oct 8Palestinians speak the language of violence Israel taught them: Regimes implanted and maintained by violence engender violence, written by Chris Hedges, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist

..Marek Edelman, was the deputy commander of the Warsaw Ghettouprising and the only leader to survive the war....Edelman, after the war, condemned Zionism as a racist ideology used to justify the theft of Palestinian land.

To be a Jew means always being with the oppressed and never the oppressors,” Edelman said.

AddedThis Brave New World, XCVI

October 7th
and the days after ... only
the sound of blood

AddedThis Brave New World, XCVII

running out of water
running out of life:
Gaza in smoky darkness

FYI: The Guardian, Oct. 17: Fears grow people are dehydrating to death in Gaza as clean water runs out

Fears are growing that people in Gaza are beginning to dehydrate to death as clean water runs out, while Israeli airstrikes continue to pound the Palestinian territory of 2.3 million residents amid a total blockade on food, electricity, medicine and fuel...UN experts have condemned the Israeli bombardment and blockade as “collective punishment”, which is a war crime.


a refugee's journey
yellow leaves zigzagging 
in twilight chill