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Thursday, March 7, 2024

A Roomful of USA!s Tanka

Game Show, 2024, XXXVIII:
written in response to the Super Tuesday results

a row of flags
the same old blonde-haired man
a roomful of USA!s
flashing cell phones held high
deaths of children far away

FYI: List poems are an ancient tradition in poetry. There are examples in Homer's The Iliad and in the Bible. Fore more about "list tanka," see my "To the Lighthouse" post, List Tanka

And Democarcy Now, March 4U.S. Airdrops Food to Gaza While Arming Israel to Drop Bombs

Palestinian health officials say at least 16 children have died in recent days from starvation and dehydration as Israel’s assault continues. UNICEF warns the number of child deaths will likely “rapidly increase” unless the war ends.

Added: Game Show, 2024, XXXIX:
written in response to Joe Biden's Absurdist theatrics in the State of the Union address

the old man raising his fist
more than 1000 troops
working day and night for two months
a floating pier done
the smell of rotting corpses with flies