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Monday, April 8, 2024

Solar Eclipse Senryu

solar eclipse crowd
the first glimpse
of my ex with her lover

FYI: Watch live with me 😁 as a total solar eclipse moves across North America or Reading "Special Feature: Haiku and Tanka Selected for Total Solar Eclipse"


the afternoon sky turns dark
a deep crash
of Truth Social stock

FYI: CNN, April 8: Trump’s net worth has tumbled by $2 billion since Truth Social stock peaked last month

Shares of Trump Media & Technology Group continue to rapidly fall back to Earth. The Truth Social owner dropped by another 10% on Monday, adding to a brutal week that wiped out a third of the stock’s value.


light rapidly dims
and shadows grow sharper
then day flips
to darkness for three minutes ...
at last a diamond ring


day flips to darkness
face to face my dog and I


three-minute darkness ...
the murmurs 
of ohmygodohmygod