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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Eleven Kinds of Winter Loneliness: A Haiku Sequence

For Richard Yates

between the moon and me
November snow

December roses --
looking at the photos
of my youth

the snowman
washed in moonlight
foreclosed home

winter raindrops
dotting my attic window
morning coffee stains

the blizzard makes Toronto
the size of my room

Christmas morning
waking, I find myself
with just a pillow

the length
of my poems unpublished
year's end

new year
cobwebs in a corner
of the ceiling

the wind whips
the For Sale sign
New Year's dusk

cherry tree branches laced
with snowdrops

winter dream...
stirring embers, Prometheus
glances at me

published in Sketchbook, 6:6, November/December 2011