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Monday, January 16, 2012

Simply Haiku's "TOP TEN LIST"

My Dear Friends:

I was just notified that I was on the Simply Haiku's "TOP TEN LIST" of the World's Finest Living English language Haiku Poets for the Year 2011 (Simply Haiku, 9:3,4, Autumn/Winter 2011)

Here are the selected haiku:

moonlit pond...
a frog penetrates

(Simply Haiku, Summer 2011)

winter moonlight in my hand
length of the night

(Simply Haiku, Autumn 2011)

winter dawn
a butterfly wakes up
in my dream

(Simply Haiku, Summer 2011)


We are asked frequently who our favorite English language haiku poets are. We think of an English language haiku poet as someone who writes haiku in the English language, even though it may be their second language…

Saša Važić and I (Robert D. Wilson) read through hundreds of publications searching for the finest living English language haiku poets. The selection process wasn't easy. We didn't compare notes or discuss potential winners during the first few readings. We individually pared down our list until each of us had approximately ten poets. From there we worked together discussing the poets and their poetry. A winner wasn't selected on the basis of a few good haiku. Although three are listed under each poet, we selected poets whose haiku were consistently superior to other haiku poets…

Read the full text here