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Sunday, March 31, 2024

Easter Sun Haiku



reprinted in Serbian Haiku Anthology edited by Dajan Bogojevic


Easter sunshine
nun-bartenders  pull pints of beer
topped with God's word

(FYI: Reuters, March 26: "In Spain, nuns, [who run a bar, the House of the Mother, opening at 10 am, in the Sanctuary of Estibaliz outside the Basque city of Vitoria], quench pilgrims' thirst for beer and the word of God"

I think plenty of people would think it's unusual, because they've never seen it. But you know, it's not a sin to drink a beer  😂 ," said Miami-born Sister Guadalupe, adding that the bar constituted an "open door for us to evangelise")



years after betrayal
I hid alone
in the last pews
at various megachurches ..
this sombre Good Friday 

Death seeks me out
like a green-eyed lover
but yet I live
this Easter Sunday 
in the broken world

FYI: A megachurch has been defined by Hartford Institute for Religion Research (2006) as any Christian church which at least 2,000 members attend in a worship service.