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Thursday, March 28, 2024

The Anatomy of a Genocide

The following two entries, XXXVIII: "Israeli strikes" and XXXIX: "illegal settlement," of Against the Drowning Noise of Other Words about what has been happing in both Gaza and the West Bank, written in response to UN report, The Anatomy of a Genocide

Gaza: "Israeli strikes"

dating profile photo:
a smiling twentysomething
with a M4
in front of mushroom clouds
from Israeli strikes in Gaza

FYI: Haaretz, March 24: 'We're Not Only Here to Fuck Hamas': How Israeli Militarism Took Over Online Dating: Why are Israeli soldiers uploading photos of themselves inside Gazan homes or with Palestinian detainees to their dating profiles? Beyond the 'uniform effect' which turned U.S. firefighters into heroes after September 11, some experts say the violent militarism seen on dating apps is leading to disturbing trends in Israeli society – online and off

The American M4 and the Israel Tavor (in various guises) are the primary weapons of the IDF.

Reuters, March 28Israeli soldiers play with Gaza women's underwear in online posts

In one video, an Israeli soldier sits in an armchair in a room in Gaza grinning, with a gun in one hand and dangling white satin underwear from the other over the open mouth of a comrade lying on a sofa.

"The posting of such images is demeaning to Palestinian women, and all women," said Ravina Shamdasani, U.N. Human Rights Office spokesperson.

Article 27 of the Fourth Geneva Convention says civilians are entitled to respect for their honour, family rights, manners and customs, and must be protected against insults and public curiosity, and that women must be especially protected against any attack on their honour.

And Haaretz, March 28, Day 174: France's foreign ministry announced it can pursue legal action against Israeli soldiers with French citizenship suspected of war crimes in Gaza, saying France's justice system "has jurisdiction over crimes committed by French nationals abroad."

West Bank: "illegal settlement"

against the Ramadan moon 
trailer houses
on both side of the pathway
to a new hilltop settlement

FYI: Haaretz, March 6: Israel's Approves Construction of 3,476 Housing Units in West Bank Settlements

2023 was an exception in terms of promoting construction plans in the West Bank. 12,359 housing units were approved or advanced in the planning phase last year. "Peace Now," an Israeli non-governmental organization, estimates that this is the highest number since the signing of the Oslo Accords.

AddedAgainst the Drowning Noise of Other Words, XL: "Ramadan fasting"

a fasting man's face
stippled with shrapnel scars ...
airdropped aid

FYI: Democarcy Now, March 4U.S. Airdrops Food to Gaza While Arming Israel to Drop Bombs
And Democracy Now, March 7: Biden Quietly Approves 100+ Arms Sales to Israel While Claiming Concern for Civilians in Gaza