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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Number One Prune Juice Contributor of ALL TIME (2009-2019)

Great news! The Prune Juice Book of Senryu: Celebrating 10 Years (2009 - 2019) is now available as a FREE eBook PDF And I'm honored  to be number one contributor on the list of  the TOP 5 Prune Juice Contributors of ALL TIME (2009-2019)

#1  Chen-ou Liu,  27 issues since PJ, #3 2010 (FYI: I started writing haiku and senryu in mid 2009)

Here are my senryu selected by Prune Juice editors:

PJ, 29:

humid heat
a drunk drones on
about bad luck

PJ, 28:

chain-link fences
on both sides of the road . . .
post election

PJ, 27

first homecoming
I refashion myself
between flights


divorce talk
the burden of who
will take the dog


between street lamps
a sex worker
and my shadow


my muse blinking
in Morse Code . . .
one more glass of wine


street preacher
wisps of breath hang
around his mouth

PJ, 8

Mona Lisa smiles
at the woman in a burka . . .
art gallery

PJ, 5

arguing over costs . . .
a man of few words
in the coffin

PJ, 3

drinking at a bar —
the old man he swore
he’d never be

PJ, 7

eating a Big Mac . . .
alone in the attic
I ponder
the Chinese word for home:
a pig under the roof

PJ, 30

Victoria’s Secret
in the window
my wife’s wrinkles

black and white
photos of my school days
new patch of gray hair

behind the hearse
carrying the former mayor
a few people
. . . and the garbage truck
keeps its safe distance