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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Red Robes and White Bonnets Haiku

 written in response to the Amy Coney Barrett confirmation hearings
 and for Margaret Atwood's Handmaids

protesters cloaked
in red robes and white bonnets ...
Supreme Court silhouette

FYI: The Amy Coney Barrett Supreme Court Hearings Are an Enlightening ShamJohn Cassidy, New Yorker, October 14

Added: One Hundred Twenty-Third Entry, Coronavirus Poetry Diary
for my heroine, former Chicago teacher and activist Beatrice Lumpkin who voted for her first presidential candidate,Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in 1940 and hasn't missed a vote since.

the President claims
I'm immune from Covid-19 ...
woman in full PPE
casting a mail-in ballot 

FYI: Watch CTV's interview with Beatrice Lumpkin who explains why this year’s U.S. presidential election is the “the most important” vote of her lifetime.