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Sunday, April 18, 2021

A Bank of Dark Clouds Haiku

One Hundred Ninety-Fifth Entry, Coronavirus Poetry Diary

the wisps spread
into a bank of dark clouds ...
three-million mark

AddedOne Hundred Ninety-Sixfth Entry

another coffin lowered
into a mass grave

AddedOne Hundred Ninety-Sevenfth Entry

the mournful sounds
of a lone Scottish piper
echo off church walls ...
the masked Queen in black 
alone for the first time

FYI: Wilfred Frost, CNBC anchor and son of David Frost, said on Saturday morning that the queen's "bubble" was her husband prior to his death. He added her being alone at his funeral is quite poignant, saying, she will literally "have no shoulder to cry on," "Queen Elizabeth says goodbye to Prince Philip with a note laid on his casket," Today, April 17, 2021

Added: One Hundred Ninety-Eighth Entry

sharp spike in cases ...
through the hallway murmurs
of triage care