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Thursday, January 6, 2022

Neither Heaven Nor Earth

This Brave New World, XXXVI 
the "first and only" sci-fi haiku sequence about the January 6th insurrection written for its first anniversary 

e-trashed in 
(with the voices of my mind)
January 6th

light-year of QAnons
blocked between Trump fans and foes 
the Capitol Scrapyard

Liu not Lou, Liu not Lou ... 
the Trump-minded eTherapist 
can't learn a new trick

FYI: Lou Dobbs, a staunch Donald Trump supporter who hosted Fox Business Network’s highest-rated show, was a key driver of baseless election fraud claims. Fore more, see Fox News cancels Lou Dobbs Tonight , The Guardian, Feb. 5 2021

AddedThis Brave New World, XXXVII 

overcast skies
stains visible on the steps
to the Capitol