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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Calming Room And The "President" Kyoka

staring out
the calming room window
the patient yells,
I’m the fucking President.
Take me to the Capitol now!

FYI: In healthcare facilities, calming rooms are personal safety-rooms, or de-escalation rooms.

And The New Yorker, June 29: "Cassidy Hutchinson’s Testimony Should Be the End of Donald Trump: Regardless of the legal obstacles to convicting the former President, the testimony of a former White House aide reconfirmed that Trump must never again be allowed anywhere near power."

Answering questions from the co-chair, the Republican Liz Cheney, Hutchinson calmly described an utterly unhinged President who, on January 6, 2021, was so determined to join his supporters—many of them armed and, he knew well, intent on causing trouble—in their march on Capitol Hill that he tried to grab the steering wheel of his Presidential S.U.V., yelling “I’m the fucking President. Take me up to the Capitol now!” 

Representative Elaine Luria, one of the Democratic members of the January 6th committee, told CNN after the hearing. Summing up what the evidence at each hearing is making ever more difficult to deny, Luria described the events of that day as “a conspiracy—a failed coup, essentially.”