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Monday, August 1, 2022

Resurgence Haiku

Three Hundred and Forty-Fifth Entry, Coronavirus Poetry Diary

a snail in the shadow
of a boot coming down ...
covid resurgence

FYI: CNN News, July 27: Covid is still causing havoc around the world

The number of new Covid-19 cases is rising once again and while the virus isn't killing nearly as many people as it used to -- thanks to vaccinations... The latest wave of infections is driven by the most infectious and transmissible variant identified so far -- BA.5. Based on the sequencing data reported to the World Health Organization (WHO), about half of all coronavirus cases globally are now caused by this variant.

And RFI, August 1France ends Covid state of emergency, dissolves scientific council

A new committee to monitor and anticipate health risks was created in France on Sunday to replace the scientific council on Covid and the vaccine strategy steering committee, bringing an end to the state of emergency imposed since the beginning of the pandemic.

As of 28 July, according to Covidtracker, 19.1% of French people have not been vaccinated.

Added: This Brave New World, LI

black vendor beaten to death
by a white man ...
onlookers do nothing
but film him in summer heat

FYI: The New York Times, July 31: "A Nigerian Street Vendor Is Beaten to Death in Italy as Witnesses Stand By" The killing, in a seaside town on the Adriatic, has shocked Italians because of its brutality and because of the indifference of those looking on.

Added: reading between the lives and writing between the lines, XIX

policemen shine
their flashlights into a car
under No Exit
two black men French-kissing
as if the world is theirs

FYI: CBC, July 31: More than 2,000 attend downtown block party for members of Black LGBTQ communities: Blockobana intended to be safe space for Black queer people during Caribbean Carnival, organizer says


on the front porch
my girlfriend sips lemon tea ...
with my arm around her
I side-glance at a young man
dancing in summer rain