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Friday, September 2, 2022

Fortune-Teller's Face Haiku

Three Hundred and Forty-Sixth Entry, Coronavirus Poetry Diary
written in response to  CTV, August 19: Canada's Back-to-school "guidelines" (if there is any) by province and territory

live with covid?
the play of light and shadow
on a fortune-teller's face

FYI: Financial Times, August 30: "The growing evidence that Covid-19 is leaving people sicker:" The potential impact on heart and brain disease poses challenges to healthcare systems globally.

A Financial Times analysis of data from the UK’s NHS, one of the world’s richest health data sets, showed significant rises in deaths from heart disease since the start of the pandemic in all but the very oldest age groups. In the 40-64 age group, heart attack deaths increased 15 per cent in 2021 compared with 2019.

FYI: Yahoo!News, August 31We should all be outraged': Ontario scraps 5-day COVID-19 isolation rule.

So let me get this straight. The healthcare system is in crisis. Over 20% of LTC facilities are still in outbreak. 3rd dose uptake is lagging....and yet the Ontario government is scrapping the mandatory 5-day COVID isolation rule?

This isn't public's atrocious. Dr. Amit Arya, @AmitAryaMD

FYI: CBC News, September 1: Ontario is reporting 97 more deaths linked to COVID-19 over the past seven days, up from 89 the week prior.

It's the highest number of deaths recorded in a week since the seventh wave began. 


the cusp
of a storm ...
this stillness

AddedThree Hundred and Forty-Seventh Entry, Coronavirus Poetry Diary

long covid ...
the silence between us

FYI: PNAS, September 1: "Lots of long COVID treatment leads, but few are proven:" Lingering virus particles, microclots, and faulty immune signaling are likely culprits for many long-hauler symptoms. Anticoagulants, immune regulators, and antivirals show early promise.