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Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Tuesday, As Usual

Game Show 2024, XVI
written in response to the Loser-in-Chief's "death and destrcution" post 

Trump Indicted
on Times Square's billboard --
tourists come and go

a night of smiles
Trump indictment live updates 
as I take a dump

FYI: This is a sequel to Special Feature: Poems Selected for the Happiest Day in 2023: Trump Indicted

Added: Game Show 2024, XVII
a reportage tanka written in response to New Yorker staff writer Clare Malone's remark on the non-stop Trump news cycle: It’s important to cover deviations from historical norms that Trump and others have made and will make ...The challenge of covering Trump was that his entire Presidency was a Deviation. 

S.U.V. motorcade
to Trump-branded airplane
to S.U.V. motorcade 
to Trump Hotel and Tower ...
next, he's fingerprinted and charged

AddedGame Show 2024, XVII
written in response to The New Yorker reporter Eric Lach's remark on Donald Trump in the courtroom: "all the former President could do was sit and listen."

flanked by his lawyers
the silent old man looks
small ... and smaller

FYI: the Loser-in-Chief/Donald Trump is now charged with 34 felony counts of falsifying hush-money payments to porn star and Playboy model, Stormy Daniels

AddedGame Show 2024, XVIII

post-arraignment party
at Mar-a-Lago royal palms
heavy with crows

FYI: LA Times Column, April 4: Donald Trump’s pity party at Mar-a-Lago

Donald Trump, once the most powerful man on Earth, threw himself a pity party Tuesday night... Indicted, booked and fingerprinted, the former president scurried home to his safe space at Mar-a-Lago, where surrounded by sycophants and other grasping hangers-on, he whined.