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Monday, October 9, 2023

Peace, a Bloody Mirage

from a Canadian Perspective
written in response to the surprise Hamas attack and the Israelis declaration of war

spilling of blood
later a stream of blood flows
into a river of blood ...

war after war news ...
the length of our silence
this Thanksgiving

FYI: Yahoo!News, October 7: 'You don't speak for Canada': Internet reacts as Trudeau says 'we stand with Israel'

Justin Trudeau, @JustinTrudeau, Oct 7
Canada strongly condemns the current terrorist attacks against Israel. These acts of violence are completely unacceptable. We stand with Israel and fully support its right to defend itself. Our thoughts are with everyone affected by this. Civilian life must be protected.

nuha, @nuhanotnoah 
Today is a day I hate being Canadian. How dare you never help innocent Palestinians getting attacked and murdered on a daily basis, and the one time they decide to fight back you chose the side who caused all this with billions of dollars going towards their everyday violence... 


Day and Night

lineup around the street
this lingering smell of turkey
from a soup kitchen

the weight and cost
of Happy Thanksgiving
table for one, please