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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Changing Sides

for Syrian artist Abdalla Al Omari       

I walk down Progress Avenue, passing a poster on the utility pole, its corners flipping in the winter wind. Printed on the left side, in red ink, are the giant words Breaking Point: One Is Too Many. On the right side is a long, snaking line of people in ragged clothes, staggering toward the border, arms and backs piled high with their belongings and sleeping mats.

drunken shadow
on the wall of ignorance . . .
Trump stands 
in the worn-out shoes
of a Mexican migrant

Author's Note: Abdalla Al Omari is known for depicting world leaders as refugees in his "Vulnerability Series" of paintings.

FYI: "So far from God, so close to the US": Mexico's troubled past with its neighbour, The Guardian, Feb.1, 2017

Donald Trump’s reported threat to sort out ‘bad hombres’ revives a venerable tradition of gringo intimidation and humiliation that dates back generations