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Sunday, November 15, 2020

Heat Map Tanka

One Hundred Thirty-Sixth  Entry, Coronavirus Poetry Diary

the surge 
of waves and whitecaps ...
more red dots
added to the heat map
of Covid-19

Added: In the Wake of Defeat 
a tanka set written in response to "Trump's vow against U.S. coronavirus lockdown in 1st speech since election defeat," Global News, Nov. 13

before the long wall
of U.S. flags ...
bubbles of spit frothing 
from the President's mouth

piercing cries
of count every vote
and stop the steal ...
MAGA fans white with rage
against the dying of the light

FYI: I made a request for a judicial recount of participants in this so-called "Million" MAGA March

Added: a sequel to In the Wake of Defeat for Trump Party faithfuls, including Trump himself and the Trumps in the wall-to-wall mirrors of the Presidential Suite 

a night of sweet dreams 
the EVICTION balloon arch
over the White House