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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Domino Pieces and Covid-19 Tanka

One Hundred Sixty-Fourth Entry, Coronavirus Poetry Diary 

domino pieces
patterned in a shape 
of covid-19 ...
this one-year-old dream never dies,
just the old dreamer

Added: a tanka for  Eugene Burdick and William Lederer, authors of an award-winning political novel, The Ugly American

Trump tops the list
for the Most Admired Man
in black and white
I watch It's A Wonderful Life
on the dying day of the year

FYI: People, December 30, 2020: Michelle Obama Named ‘Most Admired Woman,’ While Donald Trump Ends Barack Obama’s Record Streak. Business Insider, December 31, 2020: Trump is a chaos agent in his final days between fighting with Congress, raising fears of war with Iran, and continuing his futile effort to overturn the election. And The New York Times, Jan. 1 2021: 'COVID, COVID, COVID': In Trump's Final Chapter, a Failure to Rise to the Moment.