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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Don't Let it Dominate You

One Hundred Fifty-Fourth Entry, Coronavirus Poetry Diary
an entry, which mysteriously disappeared two months ago and was discovered early this morning by my drunken Muse 😁, written for a History-Making Loser, Donald Trump

the Press Secretary
responding to questions ...
the Energizer bunny 
thumps its relentless drum 
across the screen of my mind

After his three-night hospital stay, the President removes his face mask upon arrival at a White House balcony. He waves, gives a thumbs-up and poses for pictures. He then turns to walk inside, the mask still in his pocket.

The cover of Time magazine features the red clouds of coronavirus spewing from the White House, now the center of an outbreak. These thick clouds even obscure the Time logo.

FYI: CBC News, Dec. 15: No one has lost quite like Donald Trump in nearly 150 years

Added: One Hundred Fifty-Fifth Entry, written in response to CovidiotInChief Donald Trump's remark:It’s going to disappear. One day — it’s like a miracle — it will disappear. February 27, 2020

the first shot
in grandpa's arm ...
all day long
rubbing prayer beads
grandma recites the Heart Sutra

Added: One Hundred Fifty-Sixth Entry, inspired by the "largest protests in human history"

Dilli Chalo 
echoing through the market ...
a farm boy 
rides his masked father's shoulders
with his fist raised high

FYI: "Dilli Chalo" means "Let’s go to Delhi"