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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

This Is America

This Brave New World, XII
written in response to CBS News, June 27: Former President Donald Trump holds first rally since leaving office

a fly banging 
against the sunlit window
in the session 
my patient drones on 
I won the election

news after news
of "2024 run ..."
in scorching heat
crows caw-caw-caw
on the power line

AddedTwo Hundred and Twenty-Seventh Entry, Coronavirus Poetry Diary

dewdrops of sun
on a bent blade of grass ...
this quarantine life

AddedTwo Hundred and Twenty-Eighth Entry, Coronavirus Poetry Diary

smoky twilight
body after body floating
in the Ganges

FYI: Poverty, stigma behind bodies floating in India’s Ganges River: Villagers along the river say cremation expenses rose during the pandemic, forcing many to immerse or bury the bodies in sand.  Saurabh Sharma, Al Jazeera, 2 June 2021 And the latest news, Photos show bodies of COVID victims floating along Ganges River in India,, Yaron Steinbuch, New York Post, June 29