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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

We'reAll In This T o g e t h e r

Two Hundred and Twenty-Fourth Entry, Coronavirus Poetry Diary

the drive-thru speaker 
with a note taped over it:
We are closed
because I just quit this job
this thankless low-paying job

with his fist raised high
the manager shouting out 
to masked workers
one dollar an hour
pandemic pay hike

AddedTwo Hundred and Twenty-Fifth Entry

this speed racing
between Covid variants
and second shots --
UN aid workers stare
at one rickshaw of rice

AddedTwo Hundred and Twenty-Sixth Entry, inspired by The New Yorker June 21 article, "What Will Become of the Pandemic Pets?'

one pet fad
after another ...
in TV's light
my robo-dog and I 
sink into the loveseat