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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Pandemic Pets and Happiest Thanksgiving Tanka

Two Hundred and Eighty-Ninth Entry, Coronavirus Poetry Diary

one pandemic pet
comes to me after another ...
we are all
inthistogether on the couch
to watch day's end in silence

AddedThis Brave New World, XXXV

Happiest Thanksgiving Ever

Trump awarded
highest taekwondo rank ...
one Bruce Lee kick
after another in the head
of Trump's life-size cardboard cutout

a gang of crows
descending on a dumpster 
in dim street light
thanksgiving leftovers mixed
with mud-stained copies of Trump

FYI: Trump: Think Big and Kick AssTrump: How to Get RichTrump: The Art of the DealTrump: Think Like A BillionaireTrump: Think Like a ChampionTrump: The America We Deserve,Trump: The Art of the Comeback, ... authored by LoserInChief, Donald Trump