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Thursday, March 24, 2022

Unmasked Hellos and Laughter Tanka

Three Hundred and Twenty-Fifth Entry,  Coronavirus Poetry Diary
written for Peter York who claims, "One should never learn from one's mistakes. Making the same mistakes, over and over again, is a source of unremitting pleasure. "

unmasked hellos
and laughter at the mall  ...
I click off the news
and doomsurf
with my drunken shadow

FYI: The Tyee, March 18: It’s Not Over. Experts Warn of New COVID Wave: A variant and fading vaccine protection could bring a rise in cases in April. And Mint, March 22Stealth Omicron BA.2 spreading fast globally.

Added: Three Hundred and Twenty-Sixth Entry

sticker shock
at the grocery store
like stealth omicron passing
among unmasked politicians