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Wednesday, June 1, 2022

America is back, our president was here

The President's gas-guzzling 20-car motorcade wound through the streets of Glasgow for the summit. When the motorcade arrived under the media spotlight, a giant WWII-style Climate Siren blasted in the morning chill, opposite the grandiose entrance.

The president opened his speech by launching an attack against the Chinese leader for not attending the summit. One day later, the Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson hit back with a video clip; in it, the President's aide had to wake him up several times as he dozed off at the conference. Eventually, the two biggest polluters called a truce by agreeing to hold a bilateral talk annually, which will start next year. The agreement was reached one day before the end of the summit.

Five days after signing the climate action pledge, the earth-shaking news --"US auctions off the largest oil and gas drilling leases in its history" -- hit the headlines across the globe this cold, windy morning. 

caw-caw-caw of crows
on the White House roof ...
climate talk briefing