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Sunday, April 23, 2023

Abundance Tanka

new neighbor's sign
that reads B & B in bold
staked in long grasses
I wonder at this abundance
that other manicured lawns lack

FYI: CBC News, May 12, 2022: The case for leaving the perfectly manicured lawn behind: Why a more diverse and hands-off garden makes for a better environment 

North Americans have had a longstanding love affair with crisp blades of grass and the perfectly manicured lawns we shape them into. The tidy turf tradition isn't homegrown though: the concept was hauled across the Atlantic by colonists who maintained lawns in Europe going back to the 17th or 18th century. The growth became a staple of the leisure class who revelled in lawn games like croquet and tennis and turned it into a status symbol, since bringing neatness to nature's chaos required deep pockets. And so, keeping up with the trim-turfed Joneses began.


the rise and fall
of my old dog's snores ...
alone in TV's light


alone and sandwiched
between Tucker Carlson's fans and foes
reunion buffet

FYI: Bess Levin, VanityFair, April 24: World Reacts to Tucker Carlson’s Departure From Fox News Like the Allied Forces Just Defeated the Nazis

And Rae Hodge, Salon, April 24: "American hero": Tucker Carlson's fans mourn as star right-wing pundit departs Fox News

AddedGame Show 2024, XIX
written in response to Tom Nichols, The Atlantic, April 24: The Trump-Biden Rematch Is Inevitable: The choices will be a traditional [i.e. Mediocre] American politician or a de facto [MAGA] cult leader—again.

2024 re-match ...
Washington apple cut in half
with core rot

FYI: Washington is the top U.S. producer of apples; however, the apple tree is not native to the northeastern United States, where it was first declared “America’s fruit.” The apple traveled to North America the same way the Pilgrims did in the 1600s. 

After 1918, people started associating apple pie with the "freedom and prosperity" they enjoyed as Americans. When the United States joined World War II, soldiers said they were entering the war for "Mom and apple pie."