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Thursday, January 13, 2022

Tattooed Number Tanka

reading between the lives and writing between the lines, VII
written in response to State Senator Scott Baldwin's comment

be impartial
when teaching about Nazism ...
the tattooed number
still visible on grandpa’s arm
and in his broken heart

FYI: Washington Post, Jan. 10, 2022: An Indiana GOP state senator said teachers ‘need to be impartial’ during lessons about Nazism and fascism

On Wednesday, during an Indiana state Senate committee hearing about a proposed bill that would ban “divisive concepts” in school classrooms, Republican Sen. Scott Baldwin said teachers’ lessons about fascism and Nazism should be impartial.

“Marxism, Nazism, fascism … I have no problem with the education system providing instruction on the existence of those ‘isms,’ ” said Baldwin, who co-wrote the bill. “I believe that we’ve gone too far when we take a position. … We need to be impartial.”...