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Thursday, July 7, 2022

AllahGodJesus Tanka

reading between the lives and writing between the lines, XVII

a roar
of the moonlit surf 
men straddle
the side of a dinghy
crying, AllahGodJesus ...

Added: This Brave New World, XLIX
Edward Williams Clay's ghost whispered the following tanka into my ear last night

one scandal
after another, another ...
an Eton boy 
counting the last days
as rats flee 10 Downing Street

FYI: The joshi (prefatory note) alludes to the most famous 19th-century caricature of President Andrew Jackson whose cabinet was broken up in 1831, "The Rats Leaving a Falling [White] House," (with a detailed historical this presidential scandal), National Museum of American History.

And The New Yorker, July 7: How Boris Johnson’s Government Finally Collapsed: In twenty-four hours, more than three dozen ministers and aides deserted the Prime Minister. On July 7th, he announced his plan to resign. 

I tell you that the prime minister will not go early—because it is simply not in his nature. It is a wonderful and necessary fact of political biology that we never know when our time is up,” Johnson wrote, in 2006, about Tony Blair. “We kid ourselves that we must stay because we would be ‘letting people down’ or that there is a ‘job to be finished.’ In reality, we are just terrified of the comedown.”


rusty fence between two sides
of a churchyard
black and white Christian graves
under the Texan sun

Added: This Brave New World, L

phalanx upon phalanx
of Canadians chanting

FYI: CBC, July 8: Nationwide Rogers [No 1 telecom company] outage impacting internet, cellphones and debit payments [for more than one day without any explanation at the time of my writing].... 

Canada, with its national telecommunications controlled by the "Big Three," has some of the most expensive internet prices in the world. Now, two of the most in/famous Canadian Tweeter accounts, @fuckrogers and @rogerssucks, are tweeting the stories about the most miserable/depressing day of the year.

And CBC, July 8Rogers outage shows need for Plan B when wireless, internet services fail, analysts say

It's the second major Rogers disruption in about 14 months. The company admitted to its 11 million wireless subscribers: "Today we have let you down."