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Thursday, October 26, 2023

Shelter in Place Haiku

This Brave New World, XCVIII
written in response to the deadliest one of 565 mass shootings so far this year in the USA

shelter in place ...
a beer bottle rolling down
the blood-splashed road

NeverEnding Story, October 26 2023

FYI: NBC News, Oct. 26: At least 18 killed in shootings in Lewiston, Maine; Manhunt underway for suspect.

This haiku could be read as a sequel to the following one:

thoughts and prayers ...
another round of pop, pop, pop
loud and louder 

AddedThis Brave New World, XCIX

I wish I could 
take that pain off your shoulders,
off your hearts ...
round after round of gun debate 
louder ... and bloodier 


is there a map? 
in the pre-dawn silence
my first step
on this grief journey
of a thousand miles