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Friday, March 8, 2024

Build Back (Much) Worse

Game Show, 2024, XL
written on International Women's Day

white raven on the roof ...
the same old man and his staff
patch and stitch
and slap together pieces
of past promises

Israel kills
three mothers every hour!
drowned out
by rolling chants of Four More Years!
as the storm clouds gather

FYI: The white raven is the extremely rare leucistic bird. It's not albino, evidenced by its striking sky-blue eyes, and it's believed to be a symbol of bad luck. The last time it was spotted was around Anchorage on Oct. 24 2023

And Democracy Now, March 8Palestinian Women Prisoners Share Accounts of Inhumane Treatment, Sexual Assault

U.N. experts are calling for a probe into reports of sexual assault, torture and killing of Palestinian women prisoners by Israeli forces. The Palestinian Prisoner Society says an estimated 240 Palestinian women have been detained since October 7. 

Added: Against the Drowning Noise of Other Words, XXIX: "period products"
written for International Women's Day

a circle of teens
making period products 
out of scraps
of their makeshift tents ...
Gaza's night sky shades of red

FYI: Dust and small particles, trapped in the atmosphere by high pressure after the aerial bombing, turn the night sky shades of red/orange-red

And Haaretz, March 7: This Women's Day, Palestinian Women in Gaza Are Making Period Products Out of Tents

The Gazan women cutting off their hair in the face of a water crisis, surviving c-sections without anesthesia and fashioning period products from scraps are showing strength and ingenuity in impossible circumstances

According to the international non-governmental organization ActionAid, Gaza is now one of the most dangerous places for women, with seven killed every two hours.